The Plum Guide is building a marketplace of the world’s best holiday homes. For real!

We are taking a systematic and obsessive approach to testing every single home on the planet, and accepting only the top 1%.

We do so by putting every home through The Plum Test: a gruelling hospitality exam, which uses a mix of algorithms and physical visits by hospitality experts.

We launched 2 years ago in London. Since then, we have grown 20% month on month, vetted over 80,000 homes and reached over £11m in annualised sales! We are backed by an all-star cast investor group including Local Globe (TransferWise, OneFineStay, Citymapper), Octopus Ventures (Secret Escapes, Eve, Tails), BGF Ventures (Trouva, Roli, Gousto), Alex Chesterman (Founder of Zoopla), William Reeve (Founder of Love Film), Alex Saint and Troy Collins (Founders of Secret Escapes), Errol Damlin (Founder of Wonga) Jason Goodman (Founder of Albion) and many more.

We have just closed our Series A round of funding. The objectives of this round are to take Plum global and continue to differentiate the brand and the experience for our guests and hosts. 

The Role

We have succeeded in getting London up and running, whilst growing at a super speedy rate in the last 20 months. However, this has been achieved in a scrappy way.

We now need someone to take everything we have done to the next level in our flagship city.

What does success look like?  The Head of Account Management & Quality will have hit the ball out of the park if after 12 months you have:  

  1. Undeniably increased the quantity & quality of homes in the London collection.

  2. Mastered and improved the quality of the listing content (including photography, copy, etc.).

  3. Devised and implemented a scalable and cost effective account management process to keep hosts connected; thus making Plum our hosts’ favourite platform (including individual hosts, management companies and serviced apartment companies).

  4. Achieved a NPS in London in the top 0.1% of the travel industry.

  5. Built SOPs and processes to ensure the on-boarding of hosts is smooth, efficient and frictionless.

  6. Rolled out our new Perfect Stay criteria to all hosts to increase the standard of service they deliver.

What you’ll be up to

This is a highly entrepreneurial role that will quickly evolve and morph as the business develops. However, to bring it to life, here is what you can expect to be doing:

  1. Be the guardian of quality for our London collection: ultimately deciding what passes and fails the Plum Guide test.
  2. Inspire and coach hosts to deliver exceptional hospitality to all Plum guests, while effectively communicating our standards to all who join the collection.
  3. Oversee the production of the listings (photos, descriptions, area recommendations) and be the final check for quality control.
  4. Recruit to refresh our Community of Curators: find, interview and hire our Home Critics (testers), Photographers and Stylists. These freelancers will report to you.
  5. Deliver feedback to hosts after guest stays to help improve their service. Also decide which homes to re-test or remove from the collection.
  6. Obsess over hitting the daily, weekly and monthly targets for new homes going live.
  7. Be the main point of contact for our management companies and serviced apartment companies (who have many homes in their portfolio). Ensure our relationships with those accounts are strong commercially and that they maintain high quality standards. 
  8. Train the Community of Curators to deliver world class work.
  9. Cultivate the community of hosts in London, making Plum their favourite platform. Do so through creative communication, events and meet-ups.
  10. Continuously innovate our process: use guest and host feedback to generate new and better ways of doing things. Implement these new ways and roll them out globally.

Who we are looking for

You don’t need to have prior experience in hospitality, design or curation. The important thing is that you are:

  • You love homes, interiors and design - and can articulate your tastes with great insight and detail.

  • An incredible people’s person: amazing at persuading and inspiring.  You are super likeable, enjoy getting to know people and are great at building relationships.  

  • A taste maker: Obsessive about photography and copy. You have a great eye and plenty of confidence in your creative vision.

  • A sharp eye for detail: you notice the small things. A sub-standard photo or badly written copy, would never get past your inspection.

  • Super entrepreneurial: You care about getting shit done. And when obstacles inevitably get in the way, you know how to hustle.  

  • Process and target-driven: You prioritise your day effectively, ensuring you focus on the most important things, while improving systems and processes to make things faster and easier.

  • You have a really good instinctive understanding of what makes good service and hospitality.

  • You have unreasonably high standards for what is good enough.

  • A confident self-learner: confident at teaching yourself to do things you have never done before on a daily basis.

  • An extremely effective communicator (oral and written): able to be persuasive when selling and firm when outlining and enforcing our quality standards.


  • An unparalleled opportunity to become a start-up expert: You will learn how a start-up takes a city to the next level, pulls together plans, hires creatives, executes and builds digital products.
  • If you make your objectives happen, you will inevitably be one of the most sought out talents in the start-up, creative and hospitality industry.
  • Genuine influence and autonomy to perfect The Plum Guide in London: you will be able to bring to life your creative vision for our collection in London.
  • Be one of the earliest team members of what we believe will be, one of Europe’s most famous start-ups.
  • Be part of a passionate, friendly and transparent culture.
  • Plenty of opportunities to grow into new roles.
  • Competitive salary and options scheme: our ambitions are huge and we hope it pays out for all.