The Plum Guide is building a marketplace of the world’s best holiday homes. For real!

We are taking a systematic and obsessive approach to testing every single home on the planet, and accepting only the top 1%.

We do so by putting every home through The Plum Test: a gruelling hospitality exam, which uses a mix of algorithms and physical visits by hospitality experts – our Home Critics.

We launched 18 months ago in London. Since, we have vetted over 80,000 homes and on track to reach over £10m in annualised sales! We are backed by an all-star cast investor group including Local Globe (TransferWise, OneFineStay, Citymapper), Alex Chesterman (Founder of Zoopla), William Reeve (Founder of Love Film), Alex Saint and Troy Collins (Founders of Secret Escapes), Errol Damlin (Founder of Wonga) Jason Goodman (Founder of Albion) and many more.

We recently closed our Series A round of funding. The objectives now are to take Plum global – we launched Paris in March and are ready for more...

The Role

Home Critics are Plum’s superheroes.  They put every home and host that applies through the Plum Home Test. This is how we guarantee the quality of every home in the collection.

You’ll visit the homes and conduct a 1.5 to 4 hour test, depending on the size of the home. You’ll interview the host, rate the home on over 150 criteria, create a floor plan, and decide whether it passes or fails. You’ll then create the content that powers our beautiful listings.

What you'll be up to

  • Visiting some of the most beautiful vacation homes in your city

  • Meeting new hosts each visit and interviewing them about their approach to hosting and the services they provide

  • Meticulously collecting information about the home, and answering every question fully and diligently. This includes things like measuring shower pressure and testing the decibel level and wifi signal

  • Creating a representative floor plan using software installed on an iPad

  • Writing the content to create the listings in English

  • Giving the photographer guidance on what features to capture during the photoshoot.

  • Recommending whether each home and host you visit qualifies to join the Plum collection

  • Building the Plum brand and passion for quality with the hosts you meet

Relevant qualities

We’re looking for bright, energetic, and passionate people who love their city. Get in touch if:

  • You’re passionate about interiors and design and have an opinion about what’s good enough, and what isn’t. You can spot an Ikea-quality couch from a mile away and believe guests deserve better.

  • You’re a people-person. You find meeting and getting to know new people easy and a pleasure, and regularly get told you make a great first impression.

  • You have excellent written ability English, and can write in descriptive detail to convey what a home or experience is like.

  • You’re organized - always on time for appointments and never miss deadlines.

  • You have exceptionally high standards. From food to art and fashion, you live and breathe design excellence and have an eye for it.

  • You take pride in your work and wouldn’t dream of putting your name to something sub-standard.

  • You’re empathetic and can put yourself in others’ shoes. You can imagine what’s important to guests (even if they’re not the same demographic as you), especially as tourists in your city.

  • You’re a good judge of character and good at reading people. You could understand whether someone would be a caring and attentive host after a few hours.

  • You’re an expert in your city. You’re always in the know about the best places to eat, must-see galleries and exhibitions, and the up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

  • You own a tablet (or are prepared to purchase one for the job).

Why be a Home Critic

  • Learn about curation and hospitality. We’re building a unique and fascinating formula for the perfect stay based on art, science, and data.  

  • Work flexibly! We send you to home tests and you can complete the listing from home or a café.

  • Get paid to explore incredible homes

  • Explore your city and make connections with fascinating hosts.

Compensation & hours

  • Fee of $60-90 per test depending on size of the home

  • This is a freelance job. We need Home Critics with availability to conduct 10-40 hours of tests / week initially